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Be a parent after the age of 50 years: no one is surprised. Thirty years ago, being a father or mother-to-advanced ages it seemed to us very strange. The cases were exceptional and go to know one of the stories behind it. However, today being a parent after the age of 50 is becoming increasingly common. No one is surprised.

Without going more far, this week have been made public two cases in Galicia: the president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo and his wife will be first-time parents, he 55 and she 51 years old, and on the other hand, the doctor of Lugo that will have her third daughter with 62 years.

A possible dream, even past the 50

With 20 years a woman has a 25% chance of getting pregnant if intercourse on your fertile days. With 30 years, the odds decrease to 15%. From 35 down to 8% and 3% from the 38 years. That is, that after 40 years the chances are very remote by via natural.

However, there is science to help. Assisted reproduction is a great ally of women who want to be a mother past the barrier of 40 and even 50 years, when the biological clock is already stopped.

The egg donation and the progress made in recent years in the different reproduction techniques allow to fulfill the dream of late more and more couples.

Influences not only the biological factor. At present, the social circumstances are not the same as thirty years ago. Today couples seek a relative economic stability before having children, something that in our society today each time is delayed more.

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Both the man and the woman seek to entrench themselves in their careers and have a solid life before boarding the boat of parenthood.

Without age restrictions


Pregnancies after the age of 50 because of the high risk involved, both for the mother and the baby. However, in Spain the law on assisted reproduction does not impose any restriction for women to be mothers at the age that they want.

Most of the gynecologists do not agree to submit to fertility treatments to women over 50 years old, but does not have a law that prohibits it, everyone assumes their own risks. If the mother's health is good, there is no pre-existing diseases such as diabetes or hypertension, and the medical tests are favorable, there are doctors who agree to try a treatment.

The risks are high. There is a probability very high of a failure of the chromosome in the fetus or have an abortion or a premature birth. For the mother, complications in pregnancy or [a stroke](as women who become pregnant at 40 years or later have a greater chance of suffering a stroke or heart attack)

And not only the risks of a pregnancy late are caused by the mother, the father's age has a lot to do. Becoming parents at an advanced age increases the risk of congenital anomalies and is associated with a higher risk for the mental health of the child.

On the other hand, more and more studies linking older age with some benefits for the children as they become parents at an advanced age encourages children to be more long-lived

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The best biological age to be a mother are 25 years of age in women, but for many parents after the age of 50 is a new opportunity. Live a paternity more relaxed, more mature, and it enjoys much more of the children.

What selfish ambition or dream fulfilled?

The main arguments against the fatherhood late is that, by logic, assuming that the parents will die of old age, children will be without parents before those who have younger parents. They are taking away time of life next to their parents. Probably not or will be very old when the kids graduate, when they marry or have children. Maybe not come to know their own grandchildren.

Also the lack of vitality to take care of small children. Go all the day behind a baby is very tired and of course, the energy of the 20 years is not the same as that of the 50 or 60 years.

On the other hand, those who have been parents at advanced ages agree that you live in a fatherhood more calm and mature to the benefit of the children.

For many couples who have not been parents before, to be past the age of 50 is a dream fulfilled. A gold pin for his life already established.

Cases of famous parents after 50


The world of celebrities is full of fathers and mothers mature. A few months ago Janet Kackson announced her first pregnancy with 49 years and will mother compliments since the 50's.

Although she has three older children adopted, George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, he had his first biological daughter at the age of 69.

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Robert de Niro became a father for the sixth time in 68 years, by a womb-rental. Paul McCartney, a father of eight children, had the last one, a girl, when he was 61 years old.

The tendency is greater in men. Although the biological clock is also moving to them obviously is not the same as that for women. Donald Trump, Tommy Mottola and Michael Douglas also add to the club of dads mature.


Finally, the king of rock is also the king of the fatherhood late. Mick Jagger will be a father at the age of 73 with his fifth wife, a model 29 years of age. Have a great granddaughter that will be greater than their eighth child.

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