Eight types of friends that every mother should have

It is not a secret for anyone that learn how to be mothers, it is a process that you learn with time, and that in this way it is important to have a helping hand to support us during the chaos and stress. A portal had a list of eight types of friends that every mother should have:

Mom all terrain: This is one of those women who is always prepared for everything, your bag is the emergency kit infinity which has antibacterial, snacks, diapers, changes of clothes, juice and if it comes to a child other to play it safe have an extra chair to be able to go in the car.
The mother who does not feel disgust: it Is the one that always has the solution or fix any thing that to you it produces disgust, such as lice, vomiting, or something extra in the diaper.
The mom that lives in the kitchen: we Always believe that grandmothers are the living to feed their grandchildren but not, there are mothers who always you are inviting them to lunch or simply when you are ill, you knock on the door with a little bit of soup.
The mom clever: Is the one who knows where to find all the materials needed for the homework of your children to the wee hours of the night, to changing or repairing a door from the kitchen pantry.
The friend loyal: don't be impressed with your tales of midnight, and simply listens to you without judging you, you can rely on he it to wherever you are and at any time.
The mom who hates to drink alone: no matter who you bring with you your two children, to share a good glass of wine, since that is willing to have a good time.
The mom with the that you ignore your children: The two are love, so everything that happens around you goes unnoticed, as their children get along very well together, are in the same room but they play to not be pregnant.
The mom with older children: to Spend time with her you warms the soul, as their children grew up and are a little more independent. She is always the one that tells you, “don't worry, some day you grow up”, that makes you feel a lot of hope.

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