A great tool that we can use the parents for the care and education of our children, is the music. There are songs for playtime, for sleep to the baby, to enjoy together, and even to teach activities like eating vegetables, or learning to go to the bathroom.

But what is the favorite music of the baby? The british company of baby food Cow & Gate gave the task of investigation. With the help of an expert in child development Caspar Addyman and the psychology music Lauren Stewart, discussed different scientific beliefs on the preference of the children as to their musical tastes. The purpose was to compose a pop song that was friendly with the babies and was able to make them happy.
After a lengthy investigation, was hired to Imogen Heap, a singer and songwriter Grammy winner and mother of a small 18-months, to compose a melody. Its specifications were the following: it had to be simple and repetitive, with a high tone and a series of sounds that keep the attention of babies.

According to the research conducted Addyman and Stewart, sounds encouraged, to imitate the sound of the heart of the baby beats at a higher speed than that of adults) and use a female voice and cheerful are hallmarks of the songs that have been most welcomed in infants.

The result was "The Happy Song" or "song happy", a pretty melody with lyrics that speak of nature and that includes familiar sounds to the baby as the noise of a horn or small screams of excitement that keep you excited.

To me the song I loved, I put my two year old daughter and niece of one and have liked them a lot. It seems to Me very joyful and infectious, with listen to it once it is easy to remember.

What do you think of this song? What worked with your baby?

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