If you're a new mother will surely attack the questions and a very common is how to prepare the bottle properly? Don't worry. In this article we tell you what to do.

The most important thing is the water, if they use it directly from the tap, you should boil it for a certain amount of time to that do not increase the levels of minerals and sodium in the water. This way you delete the microorganisms that can cause disease to the baby.

Personal hygiene is the first thing, wash your hands thoroughly before you prepare anything of your little one, place water in a pot clean to the fire, should be boiled for one (1) minute, nothing more. Then remove from heat and let cool for approximately five (5) minutes, add the milk powder and beat it. Subsequently, placing the bottle within a bowl of cold water for its temperature to normalize, and be nice to the baby, you can put a little bit of preparation on your hand or wrist to control the temperature.

If the water is bottled in the same way must be boiled, you must be cautious! while it is true that bottled water is cleaner thanks to the process of purification, it can be dangerous due to the dust.

On the other hand, the amount of the baby's bottle varies according to your age, weight, and appetite. Any doubt you should consult with your pediatrician. It is important to maintain the formula or artificial milk in its original container this way, you'll avoid to get wet or damaged.

Average amounts according to the age:

1 and 2 weeks: 90 ml 6 bottles per day.

3 and 4 weeks: 120 ml per 6 bottles a day.

After 1 month: 150ml 5 bottles a day.

From 2 months: 180ml per 5 bottles a day.

From 3 months: 210 ml per 5 bottles a day.

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From 4 months: 240ml for 5 bottles a day.

Starting with the sixth (6) month, as it is recommended to add it slowly into the baby's diet of grain, vegetables, and fruits. Now prepare the bottle of your baby will be easy and without complications.

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