Yoga is the balance between the body and the mind. Practice ensures a spirit of benevolent and free. It also helps the individual to have a harmonious relationship with their emotions, and helps to lead a healthier life. Hence the benefits of yoga for mom

Currently, this therapy eastern (doctrines of classical hinduism) is causing greater interest in the world, thanks to the benefits it offers to women during their pregnancy. Yoga for mom is a a safe and natural way of preparing the mother for birth by his combination of breathing techniques, relaxation and stretching and flexibility exercises in various areas of the body.
Yoga for mom not only allows mothers to take care of your mind, but also protect yourself to receive a healthy and quiet the baby. To practice it the correct way will help you solve common problems during pregnancy such as swelling, spots, stretch marks, back aches and legs. The practice of this type of physical exercise is one of the recommendations in the most insist the gynecologists today.
Likewise, prenatal yoga strengthens the muscular system, stimulates the circulation and the venous return from the legs. In the same way, they perform physical and mental exercises to keep the mother relaxed at the time of giving birth. It should be noted that by means of the growth, evolution and development of the baby, the physical exercises iran by varying, to avoid discomfort to the mother and the child.

Yoga exercises for mom during the first few months of pregnancy, promote relaxation through postures that symbolize the element “water”. As about the date of birth, the positions symbolize the element of the creative power “fire”.
Knowing now the benefits it brings the exercise of Yoga during the prenatal stage, we recommend you to practice it, it doesn't matter if you are a beginner, under the gaze of an instructor you can perform this routine in an effective manner, taking into account that this addition will allow you to have a greater spiritual connection with your baby.

Let's go mom, talk and be a part of this beautiful experience!

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