There are many stereotypes associated with the topic of being an only child, which has been in place since several decades ago, but, having only one child does not mean that necessarily need to be self-centered, eccentric, arrogant, selfish or conceited, it all depends on the upbringing and education received from their parents.

Only children may not learn to share if parents convey the message of exclusivity for wanting to provide all of the benefits, forgetting of its spaces of socialization.

It is important that children socialize with other of their environment, make them see that they are not alone in this situation and in this way make them to lead a normal life, as the would have a bigger family (with more children). Parents are the key point in this aspect and the way to handle the family dynamics, you don't necessarily need to protect only children, on the contrary they should be given space for individuality and autonomy.

Currently, 40% of couples approximately, decide to have just one child. The reasons may vary, whether because of the economic situation, the development in the working world of the woman, the late onset of breeding, among others.

How to facilitate a healthy development to your only son?

-Offer them the opportunity of interacting with other children.

-Let him / her get involved in extracurricular activities.

-Teach them to resolve conflicts.

-Fosters critical thinking and own opinion.

-Autonomous activities from a certain age.

-Put achievable goals.

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