The rates of infertility are on the rise in recent years and our way of life, both men and women, has a lot to do with it. As men, we know that it can improve male fertility and one of the ways is by leading a healthy diet. So, if you want to be a father, it matters a lot what you eat.

Male infertility can have an origin very different, and in some cases, such as in the food we can act to minimize risks. A recent review of scientific literature on the subject emphasizes that if the man has a good diet, like the mediterranean, could significantly improve the sperm quality and increase the chance of conception for the couple.

The review, published in the journal “Human Reproduction Update”, has been carried out by researchers from the Unit of Human Nutrition at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili and Institut d'investigació Sanitària Pere i Virgili, which form part of the Network CiberObn of the Instituto Carlos III (the Thematic area of Obesity and Nutrition, Centre of Biomedical Research Network).

Foods that improve fertility in men (and others that hurt)

Alimentos que influyen en la fertilidad del hombre

But, what foods are associated with decreased fertility and which favor the possibility of pregnancy?

Comparing the different studies that relate the different components of the diet with the male fertility and the fecundabilidad (the probability of conception per menstrual cycle), it checks the following:

  • Foods that reduce fertility. A high consumption of alcohol, caffeine, and red and processed meat in men contribute to the decrease in the odds of pregnancy and fertilization rates in couples. Also affect fertility by decreasing sperm quality, foods rich in soy, sweets, and sweetened beverages, as well as some whole milk.
  • Foods that encourage fertility. On the contrary, a healthy diet, rich in some nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, some antioxidants found naturally in fruits and vegetables (vitamin E, vitamin C, β-carotene, selenium, zinc, cryptoxanthin and lycopene) and other vitamins (vitamin D, and folate), along with a low consumption of saturated fatty acids and trans fatty acids are associated with an improvement of the sperm quality. Other foods that are associated with a better semen quality or activity of the sperm are fish and seafood, chicken, cereals, vegetables and fruit, or low-fat dairy.

We have already spoken on other occasions of how food is important for reproductive health. According to studies, low levels of zinc can reduce the volume of semen and the level of testosteronay there are essential nutrients such as folic acid , which improves the quality of the sperm (in legumes, leafy green vegetables and whole grains), so it is recommended to parents before the pregnancy.

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On the other hand, it is important that the man get regular exercise and maintain a healthy body weight because obesity worsens not only the quality of the sperm but also the health of their children. Drugs such as marijuana also impair fertility.

In short, it is amply demonstrated that to lead a healthy lifestyle, including diet, improves the fertility of man and the possibilities of achieving pregnancy. This should contribute to a better planning of the pregnancy, so that they get some nutrition recommendations that are effective, both to the mother as to the father.

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