Cómo curar la herida de la cesárea

After delivery, the mom who has brought the world to your child through a cesarean section, will experience the same changes and ailments of a natural birth, only that, in addition to of them will have a surgical wound that must delay a little the process of postpartum recovery and that must be taken care of with the utmost delicacy as to not infect it and complicate the wound.

How to avoid complications?

The supervision and cure of a cesarean section or abdominal wound is really important in these cases, in addition the mom will need to avoid heavy activity or that require raising or lifting weight. In addition, you should rest as much as you can, to prevent contact with the wound, and to eat healthily.


  1. To keep clean the wound: it is recommended to use the soap is hypo-allergenic, water and very important NOT to rub it.
  2. Change the bandage once a day: the bandage should be clean and dry, if it gets dirty or wet, it must be replaced immediately to avoid infections.
  3. Avoid abdominal crunches: when you have a surgical wound by caesarean section it is advisable not to go up or down stairs, doing house chores and not lift a weights higher than that of the baby.
  4. Wait for the right time to return to the intimate relations: you should expect that the abdomen and uterus are healed, it will take approximately 8 weeks.

To be able to have a speedy recovery and enjoy your baby and motherhood after a caesarean section, it is necessary to follow the recommendations and observations of the doctor. If you don't want complications, it is best to rest as long as needed.

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