Natural medicine or complementary during pregnancy

During gestation, are important precautions that you should take the mother with the baby. From the medical point of view, utmost care must be taken with the use of certain drugs that can put in risk the life of both.

Taking into account what was said before, there are many women who feel helpless in the face of doubt of ingesting medication to any disease. It is for this reason that many resort to the use of complementary medicine, or natural during the pregnancy, believing erroneously that you can not take drugs.

Although, health is a topic that is very delicate (generalizing in a certain way), the pregnancy is even more so. Pregnancy is one of the most challenging times in terms of diagnosis and medical treatment, scientific or natural.

It has been shown that during treatment with natural medicine, there is a shortage of the side effects that usually if you cause the drugs of synthesis or drugs, however, this does not mean that the mom should not have observation on the part of the knowers of complementary medicine, on the contrary, there are many precautions that must be taken during the periods of gestation, as is the case of the use of plant-specific of herbal medicine. So that is the method of choice of the mother, it is important to make sure and consult with your doctor.

Therapies especially recommended during pregnancy

Reflexology, provides better circulatory system, which in most cases is affected during pregnancy. To do this it applies pressure on certain points of the soles of the feet.

Homeopathy is applied to control nausea and digestive disorders.

Acupuncture controls digestive problems, headaches, and emotional problems such as depression and exhaustion.

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To conclude, the massage combined with the aromatherapy helps with the relaxation of the pregnant women.

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