If the mom wants to lose the tummy, you should not only worry about a routine of exercises, but also from its power supply. Once the mother has given birth, your body will never be what it was before immediately, because after childbirth, the abdomen will still be swollen, as if it were a pregnancy in a short time. Tips to have a flat belly after pregnancy.

During the first few weeks, it is common for the mom to continue wearing their clothes of pregnant, as the belly is swollen. It is common that the figure delay in return to the point before the pregnancy and at this point, the abdomen can take up to 1 year to recover. And by the same, will become a true obsession for the mom.

Have a healthy diet

If the mom wants to lose the tummy, you should not only worry about a routine of exercises, but also from its power supply. In this sense, a healthy diet, it is a good tool to fulfill such purpose. For that this diet could be classed as “healthy”, should consist of a diet that is balanced and abundant variety.

Fluid intake

The food is basic, but the mom can't neglect the fluid intake. It is as well as specialists recommend, at least, a daily intake of 2 litres. This way, you can eliminate fat and also, to allow for adequate circulation.

Use of girdles

When the mom would look in the mirror, you may be falling into despair by wanting to eliminate that excess fat that you see in your abdomen.

For this reason, it may be seduced by a tv commercial, about the positive effects of using girdles. However, the majority of gynecologists, advise not to use this type of belts, because the muscles must be regaining his form, by itself.

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Not only is it part of the natural process of being a new mom, but that allows the elimination of accumulated fat. So it turns out that if the mother gives breast to your child, you will be able to lose weight before and more easily, because the child takes the reserves of fat.

Exercises to lose the tummy

All the above tips are good and healthy, but the only way to get lose belly after pregnancy, is to combine it with physical exercise.

The abdomen is not going to go back to where it was by itself, there will always be a michelin-starred side or a tummy that was previously not. To remove the gut after pregnancy it is essential to practice a sport at least 3 days a week.


The run is the exercise more completely and with it, the mother may perceive results in a shorter time period.

It is after the 20 minutes of aerobic exercise, when the body starts to burn fat; before, it is only a consumption of carbohydrates. Therefore, it is advisable for the mother to last at least half an hour, to eliminate cellulite and the tummy.


Running is very useful to lower the upset tummy, but there are also other modes that can be used, as in the case of the abdominals. It is not necessary for the mom to spend money on a gym, because just as all the days spend some time doing abdominal exercises. You can also perform pilates, fitness, etc

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