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Dental health affects directly your fertility, for this reason it is very important to constantly monitor the teeth by a specialist. Your mouth area deserves the same care that you can provide to any part of your body.

The dental hygiene and the difficulty to get pregnant, it is a topic that has been trying since many years ago, in fact studies show that the condition periodontal can cause serious diseases such as inflammation, and in worst cases the damage of the dental tissues, ending with the loss of teeth.

Dental health is very important in the life of any individual, therefore if a woman want to find the fertile days to get pregnant, but it presents a dental health poor, hardly going to get it, since this kind of inflammation gets out of control the dates of fertility and ovulation.

Women planning to become pregnant, should consult to your dentist for a comprehensive review in dental hygiene and, if necessary, apply treatments that your dentist recommends, thus increasing the chances of ovulation. In addition to an oral hygiene strict decreases the risk of other diseases.

Specialists indicate that many patients are not aware of how serious it is to submit oversights level dental, warning that among all the problems it can cause, the infertility that this generates is still the complication of most concern, that is to say, that cause consequences also in the man.

How much time may be delayed fertilization unlike patients that if they maintain a good dental care:

Women may spend periods up to 7 months to be able to conceive, unlike other patients who maintain a state of health stable, we must remember that what causes this infertility is the inflammation that can occur with a poorly maintained, can trigger reactions in other parts of the bodies, thereby inhibiting the body from its normal functioning.

Tips for your oral care

  • Check-in frequently.
  • Brushing 3 times a day or preferably after eating.
  • Consult with your dentist for the toothpaste that you use.
  • Use mouthwash, if and when recommended by your dentist.
  • Consume healthy foods.

It is important that the products that you use such as toothpaste, mouthwash, or whitening are as indicated by your doctor if you are in the process of fertilization, since many chemicals may delay this phase.


It is recommended to visit the dentist several times a year, but it is also important to apply conscience in all of this. Many patients go to the dentist, and remain with cigarette smoking being the case, alcohol or are overweight, the reality is that oral hygiene should be supplemented with other good habits, otherwise they will continue to inconvenience a level of health and therefore fertility level.

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