Días fértiles

When women want to get pregnant, your fertile days will become a concern and not in an enjoyment, by the fact of thinking too much on the possibility of conception.

The desire to be a mother at times can become an obsession, trying to bring a calendar of fertility to increase the chances of pregnancy, although it is really the days of ovulation does not ensure fertilization, in contrast, this phase brings an egg that may be ripe for childbearing, without any warranties.

In the fertile days to increase the sexual fantasies and erotic dreams in women, but many stop to enjoy the emotions that are developed by being focused on another thing, what is true is that if you want to have a baby it is best to fully enjoy the days more vulnerable in regard to fertility and ovulation, in this way you will notice better results, because in the case that it does not happen fertilization, also may have enjoyed the sexual act. The intercourse with the partner should not become a task but an activity that involves the desire and feelings of both persons.

Enjoy your fertile days

Feel and live each emotion that appears in the wake of ovulation, at this stage of the menstrual cycle women experience much more pleasure, so it is advised these dates to rejoice of love and pleasure with a partner.

  • Keep sexual relations without having in the mind that is to fertilize the baby, it is important that couples bear in mind that the sexual act cannot be converted into a goal, but in a loving encounter that can lead to procreation.
  • Talk with your partner, if you want to be parents, try to bring the subject in the most natural way, it is necessary to use the ovulation to search for, but this is not to say that those days are laden with concern.
  • Enjoy every moment, having a child is one of the most important things that can happen within the home, however they must take advantage of what you are living at the time. The baby will arrive in the time indicated.
  • Understand that “love making”, is the most precious among the couples, hence they must do so without having to become judges of anything.
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