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Pregnant women who opt for natural childbirth, despite feeling the pain for not being anesthetized, they appreciate the feeling of having given your child the best conditions for birth.

Natural childbirth is a function within the body of the woman who happens at the end of the pregnancy. Is one hundred percent controlled by natural processes and not by the intervention of the medical team. The mother and the fetus together help to cause to happen all the changes that are needed to produce the birth, as much hormonal as mechanical.

Few risks, many benefits

In natural childbirth, the risks are minimal, because there is no intervention or administration of medications that may have adverse effects, that is to say, it does not alter the chemical environment of the mother or the fetus. Doctors only support and evaluate the heartbeat of the baby are well and that the contractions occur in the normal way and with the frequency and intensity needed.

Among the benefits of natural childbirth are:

  • Its cost is lower than that of normal delivery, because no drugs are used, and the stay in the clinic is more short.
  • The child, being in the arms of the mother and receive her love from the first moment, and acquires a personality more sociable, self-confident and able to deliver affection.
  • The mother can choose the position that most suits them for giving birth, without having to stand on a chair gynecological.

“The mother who is preparing for a natural birth, you will receive your newborn with an attitude of love, attachment, and containment. The baby that receives this love from the very first minute of life, will be an individual with a good self-esteem, able to deliver love and relate with others. This way they are going to decrease the violence, the suicide attempts, drug addiction and diseases such as anorexia, that are the products of indifference”, explains Monica Guitart, midwife, chief of Clinic of Santa Maria.

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First contact

In the natural childbirth facilitates the contact of the mother with the son, because he needs to feel the presence of their parents and listen to their voices. Just the baby is born, the medical team puts you in the arms of the mother, and let the cord continue to pulsate for naturally pass to the baby that amount of red blood cells in the blood that there is still in the placenta. Around the two and a half minutes cut, because that has stopped beating.

While the baby is with their parents, the pediatrician will perform the Apgar score to know if it is healthy. After the first 30 minutes after birth, is observed if the newborn has had any complications to do so, the other routine tests are performed after and only given vitamin K within the primeas 24 hours. This is done because the ideal thing is that for the first few hours, the baby spends the most amount of time with their parents.

Conditions that you must have the environment

In the natural childbirth you try to create a warm and welcoming environment to receive the newly born. The environment should have the necessary conditions to help the mother to control the pain and discomfort, which will cause the delivery.

To achieve this environment, you would use the following:

  • Classical music or any that you have heard the mother during pregnancy.
  • A temperature of 24 degrees, and control of lights and sounds.


Women who opt for this type of labor is prepared to withstand the pains and discomforts of pregnancy; know what happens in each stage, are aware of that in the final phase you will feel a greater level compression pelvic and that the intensity and frequency of the contractions increase. Guitart explained that “for them, the pain is in a second plane, because their aim is to have your child and get to know him”.

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Matrona Mónica Guitart

Can you repent?

When it prepares the mother for natural childbirth, it will prevent the situations that can generate a more intense pain. It is also prepared for that if at any time you feel overwhelmed, you can decide to use anesthesia. The anaesthetist is always near the room of care from birth to reach you on time if necessary.


To that the pregnant woman is in the best position to receive his son in a childbirth without anesthesia, you can participate in: a course for preparation natural childbirth, a course of yoga during pregnancy, besides the company of midwives who practice hypnosis.

Why are the other institutions do not perform?

According to the midwife Monica Guitart, in other public and private institutions has not promoted the natural childbirth because it is very difficult to change the mentality of the people, and because attending a natural childbirth requires a commitment of several hours more than the normal delivery.

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