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  • Symptoms of ovulation less frequent
  • When am I going to ovulate?

Each body is different, therefore every woman experiences the symptoms of ovulation in a very different way. However, there are signs or symptoms that serve as physical indicators to detect the time of ovulation and keep track of it.

Signs or symptoms of ovulation what are the most common?

  • Breast tenderness: most women experience a lot of sensitivity in the breasts as a symptom pre-menstrual when you are close to your process of ovulation.
  • Cervical mucus: before and during ovulation, the cervical mucus will increase; has the appearance of an ‘egg white’ and it is possible that it is present in unusual amounts.
  • Abdominal pain: You may feel cramping or abdominal pain.
  • Increased sexual desire: is it possible that you are more interested in sex or get aroused easily.
  • Mood swings: it is very recurrent to witness mood swings from time to time.
  • Vagina or vulva that is swollen: the vagina may become full and more sensitive.
  • Position of the cervix: if your checking your cervix it will feel high, soft and more open around the time of ovulation.
  • Bloating and water retention:it is also normal to swell or retain water during the process of ovulation.

Symptoms of ovulation less frequent

  • Nausea: due to hormonal changes many, experience dizziness and nausea prior to the menstrual cycle. Attached to the fatigue and pain of head.
  • Spotting: this Is an isolated case, but not non-existent, because some women spot slightly before and during your ovulation cycle.

When am I going to ovulate?

On the day of ovulation can vary depending on the length of the menstrual cycle. Most women ovulate on the 14th day after the menstruation. The most fertile time of the woman is extended by 6 days, but the day before and the day of ovulation is when a woman is most likely to get pregnant.

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Facemamá also offers the simple Calculator of ovulation como tool, easy and simple to have approximate data of your ovulation day.

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