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In reality, the majority of the food are very safe because each one brings what is needed, however, there are some products that you should avoid, so what explains the doctor gynecologist-obstetrician, Jorge Sandoval also add “smoked food during pregnancy should not cause a problem, unless it is a case of seafood allergies that are associated with this type of food”.

Why avoid shellfish?

This type of food may contain a bacteria called listeria, therefore the only way that can be digested is if he has been previously well cooked. It is not recommended intake of this feed in the gestation, even should be avoided in the normal state, or at least consume very little.

Listeria in pregnancy

Listeria can occur after ingesting dishes with this bacteria, the symptoms are perceived days of its consumption, causing ailments such as fever, diarrhea, muscle pain and headaches, which affect both the mother and the baby.

However, mothers may consume foods smoked, as long as they contain a good preparation, that is to say that non-food items pre-cooked and gets a good cooking. There are livelihoods essential that contain vitamins and minerals necessary for the development of the fetus in the uterus, but this does not mean that you should consume any nutrient.

The food can be very necessary, but if you don't apply a level of hygiene and maintenance in each of the provisions to be consumed, then everything positive that we provide could become a double-edged sword, says the specialist.


The smoked foods contain certain risks that may affect the health in general, because of the high content of chemicals used to help ahumarlos, so it is mandatory to restrict them within the process of gestation. It is recommended to eat only well-cooked food and consume them in a fresh state, that is to say as soon as possible to anticipate bacterial contamination.

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