vacunas para meningitis

The situation of meningococcal disease in Chile, is that it has increased the number of case in relation to the last 5 years, so in 2012 one could talk about an outbreak in the country.

In Chile, there are 2 thirds of the infections of meningococcal bacteria that causes diseases in the blood, occasionally a septicemia and 1-third of people can produce a meningitis.

At what point will create antibodies?

Marcela Potin, pediatrician indicates that “vaccines have an exact time limit to produce antibodies in the body and that term in young children is around 3 or 4 weeks. When there are cases of contacts with infected it is recommended that the possibility of eliminating the infection with an antibiotic that is used orally, that is to say, a pill which is ingested in a single dose as long as they are applied to children and adults, for the smaller babies are provided syrups for two days”.

How pregnant women can be vaccinated?

“Pregnant women cannot be vaccinated against this disease, because there is not enough information in terms of security, however what is more likely is that is safe because this type of vaccine does not contain living agents, or multiply, but there is no record yet to approve his application”, explains Potin.

What are the possibilities of vaccinating prior to 9 months?

It is not recommended to vaccinate before age 9 months, because the vaccines available are registered only for 9 months or more, if it is applied under this period does not generate a good response as antibody.

What this vaccine can cause adverse effects?

The meningococcal vaccine is very safe, as mentioned above is not made with living agents and contains no preservatives.

In some cases, it may produce some discomfort, such as pain in the arm, pain of the head, highlighting that these symptoms must last for 2 days if it is supplied by the analgesic or anti-inflammatory necessary.

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