La doctora Marcela Potin nos habla sobre la meningitis

Meningitis is an inflammation of infectious origin that occurs in the membranes that surround the brain, this can be caused by viral agents or bacterial (which were the most frequent cases in Chile years ago), but today Chile has an increase of cases of a special type of meningitis, caused by a bacterium known as meningococcus. The pediatrician Marcela Potin explains more about this disease.

“The meningococcus is a bacterium that not only produces meningitis, but also triggers diseases in which it invades the blood, leading to illness such as fever, septicemia, and more serious conditions,” says Potin.

It is important to understand that the causative agent of this health problem, it can cause meningococcemia, which is nothing more than the invasion of meningococcus into the bloodstream, which presents sinthomatology as:

  • Low in pressure.
  • A shock.
  • Kidney complications.
  • Complications in the skin.

Health experts claim that the meningococcemia is about the socio-economic situation of some countries, as is the case with other viruses, being higher the number of cases in the areas of reduced resources.

“The spectrum of infectious meningococcal meningitis from an infection to the blood, until a brain infection, in fact the minority of cases can be determined to be meningitis, but it is generally called diseases of the blood with these other forms of presentation (meningococcemia or meningococcal),” explains the pediatrician.

The meningococcus in the world have diverse serogroups , which circulate and have different characteristics, becoming accountable for producing conditions quite similar despite having different characteristics, and that by bad luck not all can be anticipated with vaccines.

On the other hand, Marcela Potin says that, “In Latin america there is always talk of the serogroups B, because for this there were no vaccines, but today have increased other serogroups, for example, the C in Brazil, the W 185 in Chile, also in the Southern Cone speaks of the W 185. For infections of serogroups C, A, y, W there are vaccines within the medical market. It should be noted that vaccines have been developed that work in children, very little ones that have their immune system is immature”.

The patients and mothers need to understand and prevent this disease.

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