comportamientos inadecuados de los niños

We have all made cuts and erosions of no importance, we can take care of our own home. But, What happens on holiday? How can you tell what are the injuries of greater severity, requiring stitches or go to an urgent service? Wounds in children how and when to act?

Expert: Katherin Falck, doctor of the quality manager to Help

During the holidays, you expect peace and tranquility, yet it is in these moments where the children will venture more, and may suffer a wound. Therefore, determine what type of wound is the one that suffered the less, and if you require a healing simple, or, on the contrary if you need to examine a specialist, can make the difference to avoid a major infection.


The doctor of the quality manager to Help, Katherin Falck, explains that “you should go to an urgent care service or a medical professional always that the wound is large, with edges wide, there is a loss of tissue and heavy bleeding”.

If a wound is deep and/or extensive is infected, it could become a major problem. Therefore, the specialist indicated that it is necessary to turn to for help whenever we see the appearance of a red border, raised up, and hot around the wound, or a yellowish discharge thick that it could be pus, which are signs of infection of the wound, the same if appears fever or swollen lymph nodes (or both at the same time).

However, if they are not present none of the above mentioned symptoms, the healing can be done at home. For this, the hygiene and cleanliness of the wounded, and of those who cure are some of the considerations that must be taken at the time of reacting efficiently and effectively.

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Steps to control wounds

  • Stop the bleeding: if the scrape or cut does not stop bleeding it is recommended to apply slight pressure with a bandage or clean cloth.
  • To keep clean the wound, place the affected area under the faucet, leave it under the stream about 5 minutes in order that the wound is clean by drag.. Remove the debris or particles that may be inside the wound and that would not have been eliminated by the drag of the water. If you are unable to remove them, it is better to go to an urgent care service to be assessed by health care staff.
  • Apply povidone-iodine on the area around the wound: ever in the wound itself.
  • Consider the cause: wounds caused by nails, cuts or deep bites of animals, have the potential to cause tetanus, so I have to go to a health care center.

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