Bebé- ¿Cómo lavar la ropa de un recién nacido?

Previously the children were raising the head about three months of life, today, in the first month of birth we can see how they feel of insurance by taking this first step. The control of the head is one of the more complicated things for the baby, imply a real challenge for your motor skills, in this case, it is this ability that will allow the small to have the control of the muscles of the neck and subsequently the control of the head.

Take into account that children at birth do not have a motor systematized, which implies a process of adaptation to the environment in which it operates, and this includes the methods that the baby will be developing for their own survival, by beginning to understand all of your involuntary reflexes, until these are replaced by other forms of reaction coordinate.

From birth babies are able to go experiencing a good control brain, however your muscles for the short time of born and by the lack of exercise are weak.

The pediatrician Pedro Astudillo explains that: “parents have to support the head and cervical spine of their children at least in the first months of life, placing his hand on the neck, this will avoid sudden movements that cause injuries in the brain tissue.”

The cervical muscles of the baby are fundamental to carry out the process of control of your head, making this the first step is to develop the ability to sit and crawl.

How do I start my baby, the process of lifting the head?

As mentioned earlier, babies in their first month are showing the ability to do this act, you can start at the time you place it face down, lifting his head and managing to turn it from side to side. About in your second month, you may lift your head for a short time when they are on your shoulder, this way each month is accompanied by developments that are significant for their physical strength.

To 6 months of age the child already should raise the head with total safety, additionally it is the stage where you are ready to begin the process of ablactación.


If your child has not been able in their first few months he holds his head, see your doctor. This is not to worry, every baby has its process of evolution, some mature faster than others.

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