Secuelas que deja el embarazo.

The stage of pregnancy is full of happiness and good times, but when faced with the post-birth, we can discover certain things in our body that we acomplejan and makes us descend with the mind.

The important thing is to understand that not only you will pass that the majority of mothers have sequelae after birth, the beauty of all of this, is that apart from knowing that you're not the only one, is to understand that everything can have a solution if you apply what is necessary, at least to reduce possible cases of non-conformity.

Let's look at the possible consequences and how to anticipate its appearance

Stretch marks

These can appear in any part of the body breasts, belly or buttocks, usually make their appearance as the skin stretches, as well as by the poor care of the mother herself, to scratch their skin in an abrupt way. The only thing wonderful about stretch marks is that with the necessary caution they can be avoided, in addition to in the market you can find different products and treatments that remove the problem.

It is recommended during pregnancy and post-partum use almond oil, this helps to reduce the problem.

Linea alba

It is a line of dark brown color which goes from the pubes to the navel; during pregnancy the mother-to-be aterran to see the appearance of this strip in your belly, it is advisable not to worry, it only lasts for a certain period of time after the pregnancy, it will disappear.


If you've gone through a c-section you can feel the discomfort, for being something new that is found in your body, but you have to see it for the positive side, that is the mark of how amazing you are, in addition, that with the emergence of so many technological devices today, there is the possibility of reducing or desaparecerla.


Before you get pregnant, you may have had an abdomen that is firm, with the pregnancy increase a few extra pounds that post-birth will begin to notice, but we should not worry so much for the sagging, if you make an exercise plan easily will no longer be a problem.


Can occur by the growth of the belly and have that last for a certain time with the baby in her arms. The contractures could not be seen as something serious, by the fact that it can be avoided by adopting the correct positions at the time of carrying the baby, especially when breastfeeding. There are some bands that can help you to a good posture.

The solution is in your hands, looking for help, go to your doctor that you trust and that will suggest what is best for you.

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