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The umbilical cord should be cleaned daily to prevent the occurrence of serious infections in the navel of the baby.

The bead should be well taken care of in the course of your detachment and you should avoid:

  • Not to cover it with the diaper

It is important not to cover it with the diaper, since this would facilitate that is contaminated with feces or urine.

  • Avoid moisture

The drier you keep the umbilical cord the safer you will be, if you find free of moisture your detachment will be quick.

  • Not intestes remove it

Some experts claim that many new mothers wonder if they can help your detachment and the answer is no, no let it fall naturally.

The midwife White Ossa explains how to clean the umbilical cord:

Before proceeding to the cleaning of the cord is very important for the mother to wash hands with plenty of soap and water, it is also necessary to grease on your hands alcohol gel.

To begin the clean up is soaked a sterile gauze with an antiseptic solution, rub gently around the area of the cord that remains attached to the abdomen of the small. It is important to lift well the clip that secures the cord, leave no crease, no clean up, and at the end to make sure that the area is dry.

The experts recommend a special care during this process to avoid omphalitis, an infection that appears between the third and fourth month of life, the signs of alerts are various among the most common is hardening of the skin around the navel, accompanied by an oozing, bloody and foul-smelling, in some cases the baby may develop a fever.

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