recién nacido entre los brazos de su madre.

In this article you will find:

  • How to cure the umbilical cord?
  • How to know if my baby will have infection of the umbilical?

The umbilical cord represents the union that exists between the mother and the fetus. When the mother gives birth the cord is the last thing that is left of the alliance physical that was between the mother and the baby.

“Usually, the umbilical cord remains in the newborn during their first two weeks, sometimes it can be spread throughout the first month, without posing a problem,” says Dr. Juan Ignacio Juanet.

How to cure the umbilical cord?

The specialist stated that: “it is best to cure it with gauze soaked in alcohol (preferably alcohol of 70 degrees), this cleaning is done two or three times a day by taking the necessary precautions to prevent omphalitis umbilical”.

The omphalitis umbilical is an infection that occurs during the detachment of the cord, this infection is usually cause a discharge from your belly button.

“Parents should not worry, this infection occurs very rarely and to prevent it, we recommend that you maintain a good hygiene throughout the process of detachment,” says Juanet.

However, some specialists claim that this contamination is potentially hazardous when present in your first 15 days old.

How to know if my baby will have infection of the umbilical?

  • The first thing that you should note a mother it is the smell that occurs in the belly button area, if it smells bad it is probably the beginning of an infection.
  • If the umbilical cord is abnormally wet or with secretions of pus, you should consult immediately to the doctor.
  • Also produce redness around the belly button, that indicates that something is wrong.

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