Mujer amamantando- La forma correcta de dar pecho al recién nacido

It is very frequent above all in the case of new mothers feel some little difficulty at the time of feeding, but only requires certain techniques and practices, which in a few days will allow you to feel more comfortable and confident with the process.

Before feeding it is important to provide the small comfort, when you talk of comfort we mean to unfasten a few buttons of your garment or necessary undressing him at the top, a good breastfeeding depends on the complicity and comfort that exists between the mother and the small.

“When you consider that you are both comfortable you can begin the cycle of feeding in the position where it is more pleasant for baby and for you, the position that has been used by women in the last few years is the “ball”that consists of placing the baby in a way that his legs and body are under your arm, holding the base of the head and neck with the same hand (as if you were holding a ball),” explains the midwife, White Ossa.

How do I know when he's hungry my baby?

It is suggested to breastfeed every time that mothers intuyan that your baby is hungry, crying is an indicator late in the hunger, which means that the mother must breastfeed your baby before you're hungry as to feel altered and difficult to control.

Signs that indicate a baby is hungry:

  • Move the head from one side to the other.
  • Open the mouth constantly.
  • Take out the tongue.
  • Put their hands and fists in the mouth.
  • Displays the rooting reflex, when a baby moves her mouth in the direction of something that is close to your face.

The process of breastfeeding requires different skills than with the attentions necessary to be detected, lean to know when the baby needs to be fed, if you commit yourself to the small to suck the nipple, probably the cycle of breastfeeding is not met, so use the best position, “meet the baby's needs is essential”, says the specialist.

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