Bebé arcoíris

Becoming a parent is one of the events more wonderful in the life of a couple, from the mother-to-be confirms that your uterus is developing a small seed that is so precious, your life changes and is full of emotion.

Today we talk about babies rainbow that make her grand entrance after a baby star. The baby rainbows are those children who come to the healthy life after a mother has suffered a pregnancy loss.

Babies come into the world after these circumstances are called “rainbow” because his arrival brightens the lives of new parents by helping them cope with the pain that caused your previous loss.

His arrival provides security and helps to overcome all those fears that the mother was home for nine months, fulfilling finally the dream of the long-awaited wait, I See your little son!

We must be aware that not all women have a maternity quiet, though the desire of all is to carry a normal pregnancy, in some cases, the complications that may occur in the way end up becoming situations unfortunate and painful, it is important to know that this little person will always shine in the hearts of their parents and relatives, so that they are called “baby star”.

A baby star is one that is held in the womb of the “mother” for a few months, but it doesn't come to be born, when this happens, the parents go through a grief that fills them with anguish and pain, losing the hope of a new pregnancy.

When presented with a new pregnancy in the woman who has been through negative emotions, the same experiences of fear and fear of not being able to gestate a healthy baby, but after nine months received with success to his baby known as baby rainbow, making a resemblance with the end of the storm, the arrival of the light to the life of the mother and the father.

Many of the families facing these situations fear getting pregnant again because they do not want to “replace” your first baby, it is important to understand that this is not a replacement but a new opportunity to live the motherhood, remembering the child star and enjoying the moments of happiness that your new baby brings or will bring to their lives.

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