Doctores, embarazada- Beneficios de ser un obstetra

Obstetrics is a branch of medicine that deals with the process of gestation, of the life of the woman in the care of their sexual and reproductive health; obstetricians are the main responsible for the care and control of a woman during the nine months of pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium.

5 benefits of being an obstetrician

  1. It is the perfect complement

If you like the medicine and babies, midwifery is the career ideal, it is an alternative for those who are attracted by the anatomy, psychology, children and sexual education.

  1. Are men but they can also bring children into the world

Years ago it was believed that only women could help others during childbirth, today both sexes can exercise these functions. “It is wonderful to see a man also gives life.”

  1. Each birth will be an experience of a life

Every birth is a unique experience and you will be the helping hand to carry out so big time.

  1. Aid to involve the father in the process of pregnancy

The father-to-be may feel more harmony and trust with a doctor gyn. When the mothers choose an obstetrician will almost always need a midwife who will help them to understand certain topics.

  1. You learn to appreciate life

Understand in its entirety the beautiful process of maternity, and you learn every day about each one of the stages of development of a new being.

Enough to have a vocation of service, empathy and interest for all the reproductive process of a woman to become a great specialist. The love and dedication, is the basis of a good entrepreneurship work.

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