Método Billings Anticonceptivo

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  • Control and commitment
  • History of the Billings ovulation method of birth control

The Billings method of contraception has made a difference compared to the methods of artificial contraception, since the latter can produce adverse effects on the health. This technique is based on the menstrual cycle, is an alternative safe, simple, and is recognized by the medical community.

Expert: Dr. Enrique Oyarzún, gyneco-obstetrician at the University Clinic of the Andes.

It is a natural method of family planning that is based on knowing the entire body of the woman, her menstrual cycle and periods of fertility. He has won fans thanks to its proven benefits. Although the technique is simple and safe, for their correct use requires a prior learning that involves the couple and a commitment to follow this method with liability.

Control and commitment

The Billings method of birth control encourages couples to control birth through the identification of female fertility through the sensation of the external genitalia. The moisture genital, consistency and amount of cervical mucus, are factors to determine the fertile days and infertile women, where it's just these days it allows the relationship with penetration without the need of any artificial element.

The couple needs to commit to that during the fertile period of the woman will just caresses, without consummating the sexual relationship. This time it is recognized because during the days close to ovulation you produce more cervical mucus, which moistens the genitals. With an irregular menstrual cycle you can use this method, but it is more difficult.

History of the Billings ovulation method of birth control

The doctor australian John Billings, with his wife, invented this natural method of contraception in the decade of 1950. They devoted themselves to the study of female fertility for over 50 years, and established the World Organisation of the Billings ovulation Method in Melbourne, as a center of research and dissemination of its system all over the world.

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The Billings method of birth control has been validated by medical science and has been implemented in over one hundred countries. In the last few decades, Chile has also gained supporters. Dr. Enrique Oyarzún says: “Its simplicity and low cost provided that it can be learned even by people with limited resources. Its effectiveness rate is very similar to that of any other system for the control of the birth. In ten thousand cycles, the pregnancy rate is 2%”.

Unlike the methods of artificial contraception, this natural method of contraception does not produce side effects for the health. And although this technique is accepted by the Catholic Church, the doctor Oyarzún, explains that it may also be practicing couples of other faiths.

“This natural method of contraception has many benefits, for health reasons-absence of harmful effects - and the benefits of anthropological order: cultivates aspects of human sexuality such as communication; openness to life; concern for others; the rate of separation-meeting the language ies); and for those living in the light of the christian faith, the communication with the Creator to not disrupt the momentum procreative enrolled in the man”, concludes the ob / gyn.

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