¿Madre lactante? ¡No te pierdas estas 2 opciones para comer!

A good diet is essential to the life of a woman who is in stage of lactation, the reason is that you must provide your body the nutrients and energy needed for the baby to receive proper nourishment.

  • Option 1

Breakfast: decaffeinated coffee with milk (low-fat), whole-grain toast with extra virgin olive oil, 1 peach.

Mid-morning: a natural fruit juice or fruit salads.

Lunch: salad of cucumber, tomato and lettuce (make sure you keep a good hygiene of vegetables).

Lentils with vegetables, fillet of veal and a dessert of yogurt with fruit.

Snack: a serving of nuts or a slice of bread.

Dinner: chicken breast filet grilled with potato and zucchini puree.

  • Option 2

Breakfast: two toasts with serrano ham, an apple, a coffee with milk, decaffeinated or infusion of fruits.

Mid-morning: an apple, pear, banana or watermelon and a glass of water

Lunch: noodle soup, chicken breast a la plancha, and for dessert, gelatin, light fruit.

Snack: a cup of cocoa light with semi-skimmed milk, biscuits(1) and a glass of water.

Dinner: spinach with roasted potatoes, and baked whole-grain bread with cream spread.


  • Avoid excess of sweet and canned foods.
  • Make sure to consume enough water during the day, add soup and liquid meal in your lunch or dinner.
  • If you notice that your baby has discomfort after breastfeeding, go to your doctor, there are foods that can cause stomach upsets in your little one.

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