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The varix is an inflammation that can be present in women because of the abnormal accumulation of blood and the weakness that can be inherited in the walls and valves of the superficial veins; this type of swelling sometimes cause in the woman a complex visual that can be treated with some specialists or natural creams.

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties and vasodilator of aloe vera, carrot and vinegar, varicose veins can be take a look healthier, know how to prepare your own cream to reduce the growth of this type of swelling.


  • 1 large carrot
  • 2 bunches of known.
  • 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (20 ml).9


  • Cut the carrot without the need of pelarla in small pieces, and then place it in cooking until you feel that this soft.
  • When you are ready tritúrala with a fork until you obtain a homogeneous mixture.
  • Open the leaves of aloe vera and with a knife removed the gel that is found within it.
  • Mix it with the carrot shredded and lígalo with the vinegar.
  • Once you get a texture creamy, you could say that this list is your new cream homemade.
  • You can place it in a container to preserve its freshness.

How you can use

  • You can exfoliate your legs with natural products such as sugar or coffee, the goal is to remove the impurities before you apply the cream to the ointment to be absorbed properly.
  • Then spreads the cream on varicose veins and do gentle massage (from the ankles to the legs).
  • Leave it to act for 20 to 30 minutes and then rinsed with water, preferably cold.
  • Performs the same process every day.

The natural remedies are also a great option to combat any kind of discomfort in the skin. If you take into account and use continuously these tips you'll notice positive changes in just a few days.

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