criopreservación de ovarios

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  • What is the freezing of ovaries or cryopreservation?
  • Limiting the freezing of ovaries
  • Origin of the preservation of ovaries

A while ago, the woman with cancer, ran the risk of infertility and early menopause, however, with a new technique, freezing ovaries, you can reverse the situation.

Expert: Dr. Enrique Oyarzún, gyneco-obstetrician at the University Clinic of the Andes.

What is the freezing of ovaries or cryopreservation?

The freezing of ovaries or cryopreservation is an experimental practice which involves removing the reproductive organ of the woman, to select the fragments of immature eggs that will be frozen until the patient after passing through a treatment for cancer, to decide on their relocation.

Some years ago, to women who were subjected to a cancer treatment, they wiped out the dream of being mothers, because the product of the chemotherapy they lost the ability to hormonal and reproductive. But now, the patients who overcome cancer, they can return to being mothers, thanks to the freezing of ovaries, that is to say, to preserve ovarian tissue.

The treatments of radiotherapy and chemotherapy often damage and even kill the germ cells in the ovary, which are responsible for the formation of eggs. Dr. Enrique Oyarzún, explains: “If damage occurs in these cells, the effects of the chemo and radio therapies, they die without the possibility of reproduction, and there is no more to fulfill the function of hormone production and reproductive”.

The freezing of ovaries, it is an innovative technique that consists in extracting laparoscopically -minimally invasive surgery performed with the aid of a video camera placed in the abdomen - ovarian tissue is healthy, which is subjected to biopsy to rule out the presence of cancer cells.

The pieces of tissue are frozen in liquid nitrogen, and wait about five years after the end of treatment against the cancer for reimplantarlos in the patient, also laparoscopically. In this way, the woman has the possibility of being able to get pregnant.

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Limiting the freezing of ovaries

Time: expect about five years after the oncological treatment in order to be certain that the patient recovered.

Cost: it is necessary to preserve ovarian tissue for about five years, and monthly cost around 30 thousand pesos.

Authorization by parents: many times due to ignorance and fear, refuse this technique.

Origin of the preservation of ovaries

This technique began in 1996 in Belgium, and in 2007 had already been cryopreserved 250 women. All recovered their ovarian function, which is a help psychologically very important, in addition have not suffered a premature menopause.

In Chile, the year 2007, the parents of a girl with cancer that was going to be infertile by therapies in oncology that was going to be conquered, they decided to freeze the ovarian tissue of the small. The doctor Oyarzún, explains: “In girls that have not come to puberty, most difficult after radiation therapy is the loss of their ovarian function and fertility, which makes it necessary to use therapies hormonal replacement. However, there are girls who manage to menstruate, and in such a case, the ovarian tissue frozen can be used to replenish the fertility when it has been lost”.

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