Mujer y bebé- te brindamos la opción perfecta para elaborar un sillón a la medida de tus necesidades. ¡Disfrútalo!

Mothers who are in the stage of lactation need to feel comfortable at the time of feeding, in the stores can be found on chairs, or cushions to help a comfortable position, but sometimes you can't give it with the cushion covers are really in your need; that's why we provide you with the perfect option to develop a couch to suit your needs. - Enjoy!


  • 2 yards of thick fabric 147 cm wide (choose fabric that seems more durable to go with its weight).
  • 2 bags of stuffing (balls of animes is a good option to fill).
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Pins

Instructions: before you start sewing

  • Fold the fabric in half.
  • Measures approximately 40 cm from one side of the fabric and cut a curve.
  • Fold the fabric again in half, measures approximately 20 cm in one side of the fabric, cut a small curve.
  • Fold the fabric again, but upside down and add a few pins to keep the fabric in place.

Instructions: when the pattern is ready

  • First sew two sides of what will be your chair and leaving an opening of about 20 cm to fill it after.
  • Fold the fabric again so that you can see the front of your new chair.
  • Sew the curved line, to close to finish the binding seam, and if it is your preference performs a finish in the form of a zigzag (it is a good idea so that the seam will not break with ease).
  • Finally, turn the fabric and begins to enter the filling you've chosen (pellets anime is a perfect material to make the stuffing), when you finish filling, close the opening by hand.

If you do not get in the market what you need for your breast feeding, make it is the best option.

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