consulta ginecológica

A gynaecological consultation or cytology-time help in the detection and timely treatment of disease asymptomatic, the conduct of screening examinations according to age and to educate about the symptoms of suspicion.

Expert: Dr. Enrique Oyarzún, gyneco-obstetrician at the University Clinic of the Andes.

All the women, whether they are teenagers, virgins, with a sexual life inactive, even in the pre-and post - menopausal women, should be to visit your gynecologist to be screened regularly. In the case of virgin females should have at least one gynaecological consultation to be instructed on the symptoms of suspicion and preventive exams that should undergo, according to their age.

A gynaecological consultation has the following benefits:

  • Detected in asymptomatic patients, disease in initial state. For example, it is desirable to perform a PAP smear to discover cervical cancer and dysplasia -abnormal growth of cells on the surface of the cervix - or cancer, at an early stage.
  • In high-risk patients, detection and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases (STDS).
  • Detection of diseases established that can be oligosintomáticas (asymptomatic) or whose symptoms have not worried about the patients.
  • As in general women of childbearing age do not usually visit the doctor, they can also discover diseases such as: hypertension, diabetes, or thyroid diseases.

In relation to the age advisable to start the control gynecological, doctor Enrique Oyarzún explains: “Since the start of the sexual life, the control gynecological regular is imperative. In children or adolescents who have not started sexual activity, it is recommended to control the start of the changes puberales (between eight and twelve years), especially in girls who do not have a control pediatric regular. Those that do have, should be derived by your child's doctor if it detects any abnormality in the development or a time initiates the menstrual cycles. It is also recommended that adolescents have a control to answer questions about their development and sexuality”.

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Visit to the gynecologist in adolescence

It is necessary for the adolescents to have a gynecological checkup to prevent disease, or to give timely treatment.

Some symptoms that should motivate a consultation are:

  • Absence of menarche (first menstruation) at the age of 16 years.
  • Late menstrual increased to two months.
  • Menstruation with clots or lasting longer than eight days.
  • Menstrual cycle less than 21 days.
  • Periods remain irregular past four years post menarche.
  • Presence of pain during menstruation that is not relieved with painkillers.
  • Menstrual flow of bad odor, or accompanied by itching in the genitals.
  • Acne and/or hirsutism (increased facial hair or body) in the context of irregular menstrual cycles.

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