cicatrización de la episiotomía

Is a surgical incision that is made in the perineum female during the phase expulsiva childbirth to enlarge the vaginal opening and facilitate passage of the baby toward the outside. After that stage, it is important that you know every detail about the healing of the episiotomy.

Expert: Carolina Silva. Kinesiologa Rehabilitation specialist Pelviperineal

This incision includes the skin and muscles of perineal as well as, part of the vaginal mucosa and is sutured with a material that the body reabsorbed or falls, so it is not necessary to remove it. The healing of the episiotomy is different for every woman, however, the healing period takes about 4 to 6 weeks.

During the following days, it is important to have some basic care that will promote a good healing of episiotomy and decreased patient discomfort or complications. To begin with, we must observe daily the scar of the episiotomy by placing a mirror in the middle of the legs and in this way appreciate the changes in the area, the colouring, the state of the points, etc, it May be that in these days the perineal region and specifically the area of the episiotomy is a little bit swollen, which is why it is helpful to apply ice on the area for 5 minutes 3 times a day. The ice should be inside a plastic bag and wrapped in a dry cloth to no wet spots and avoid burning.

For the healing of the episiotomy it is important to hygiene, washing the area every day with water. If you want to use soap or shower gel, it should be of neutral ph so as not to alter the natural barrier of the skin as it can lead to vaginal infections. Do not forget to rinse thoroughly the area for that residue that could cause irritation. The drying area should be done carefully, always with a clean towel and dry, with small touches, and avoiding the drag of the towel to not pull the points.

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Each time you perform a urination or bowel movement, with the hands pre-washed, should be cleaned with toilet paper making finishing touches, do not drag and always from the vagina toward the anus so as not to bring bacteria from the anus into the vagina that could cause infection.

It is recommended to use cotton underwear, avoiding the use of lycra, lace, and breeches of a kind colaless as the constant rubbing with these fibers could cause irritation and pulling of points. In addition, it must promote the ventilation of the area, exposing the genital area to the open air, for example after taking a shower in the morning to allow the points to dry naturally. It is not recommended to use the air from the hairdryer on the scar of the episiotomy since the points can be too tight, causing great discomfort in the area. Just in case the healing process is taking a long time, it can be used with cold air.

The greatest discomfort during the healing of the episiotomy is presented to the sit, therefore, it is recommended to do it on a flat surface and rigid because soft surfaces or very padded plunge, and can cause the points to open. That is why it is NOT recommended to sit on floats or cushions in the form of a ring.

To avoid discomfort during transitions standing-sitting-standing (bipedal-seated-biped) it is recommended to contract the buttocks to rest comfortably on the surface or in full standing position and then relax slowly. This will prevent the bloating of the points during the transitions. When the points fall off and the wound is fully healed, you can massage the scar with a little cream or baby oil to keep the collagen fibers are ordered, and avoiding hypertrophic scars or bulging that could cause discomfort for example during sexual relations. This type of massage can be taught to the woman or her partner, by a professional who specializes in Rehabilitation Pelviperineal.

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Carolina Silva G., Kinesiologa Rehabilitation specialist Pelviperineal, Center Miintimidad. www.miintimidad.cl

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