bebé baño- ¿Cómo bañar al bebé en la tina grande?

Usually our children after 6 months of life that they feel uncomfortable to be bathed in your first tub, after these months, babies are more large and much stronger; if your child does not fit in your tub there is no problem, you can begin to ducharlo in a large, Facemamá gives you some tips for your little one to feel safe and secure in your new bathing place.

Before bathing your little ones in a large tub be sure to sanitize the place, as the adults tend to drop millions of bacteria at the time of taking bath.

  • Become familiar with the tub: for a few days, you must put the small tub inside the large one, so the step from one to another is more gradual.
  • Try bathing him “in the dry”: you can put your baby in the tub without water and with various toys, so you get used to the new scenario.
  • A scene of theatre: while another person puts the baby in the tub you can demonstrate by means of toys which they also bathe and do well.
  • To avoid the cooling: young children do not like to be cold, so the bathroom should be at a comfortable temperature, so they do not associate the bath with the cold environment.
  • Let it splash around: for children it is fun to splash around in the water and get wet to the mother.
  • Do not bathe after eating: if it does so with so much movement and play within the water can cause discomfort.
  • Do not remove the plug while it is in the tub: you can give him fear that the water will go down the drain and you may think that he also will be the proper thing to do is to remove the retainer when the child leaves the water.
  • Do not press: do not push him to fit your new tub, everything takes time.
  • Use specialty products: a good option is to use products that are hypo-allergenic as the shampoo without tears and the neutral soap that does not cause irritation or on your skin or in your eyes.
  • Cuddling after the bath: you can put in your body cream hypoallergenic and perfume for babies with low alcohol content (the perfume must be placed preferably in clothing).
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