peso durante el embarazo

Do you know how much you should be your weight during pregnancy? According to your height and previous weight, Facemamá tells you some recommendations.

Expert: Enrique Oyarzún, ob-orbstetra in the Clinic University of the Andes

According to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences of the united States, the current recommendations are:

  • If at the moment of conception you were underweight you should gain between 12.5 to 18 kg
  • In the event that before you got pregnant you were overweight you should gain between 7 to 11.5 kg
  • If you were obese, you should climb to between 5 and 9 kg
  • If you're going to have twins or twins you have to climb between to 16.7 to 24.5 kg, and between 11.5 and 19 kg if you are overweight.

On our portal you can obtain and use our tool to calculate weight gain during pregnancy to know how much weight you can gain (based on your height and weight before pregnancy) and see how it distributed the weight.

In addition we have in Facemamá another tool body mass index to calculate the increase of weight during pregnancy to know how much weight you can gain (based on your height and weight before pregnancy) and see how it distributed the weight.

How to achieve that?

To keep you within the recommended weight eat healthy while you're pregnant and ask your doctor or midwife to recommend an exercise program that is right for you. Eating for two does not mean eating twice what you eat normally. In fact, you only need about 300 extra calories a day when you're pregnant, fewer during your first trimester. “A diet that includes fruits, vegetables, dairy, fish, and the performance of daily exercises of low intensity are necessary for both the mother and the child”, ensures the ob / gyn, Enrique Oyarzún.

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Studies show that women who go up too much weight during pregnancy have a greater risk of having a c-section. They also tend to retain more weight after pregnancy and your weight is higher in subsequent pregnancies. This can be a problem because women who start pregnancy overweight have a higher risk of complications, including gestational diabetes and preeclampsia.

In addition, the babies of women who gain more weight recommended during pregnancy may be too large at the time of the birth which can cause complications during childbirth for both the mother and the baby. And the children of the moms who begin their pregnancy with excess weight are more likely to have overweight or to be obese in the future.

Finally, women who have excess weight before pregnancy tend to have problems to begin breastfeeding and continue to do so. Experts believe that there are several reasons for this, including low milk production and difficulty positioning the baby for breast-feeding. Gaining too much weight during pregnancy can worsen this problem.

On the other hand, women who start pregnancy with a weight too low, or do not increase enough weight during pregnancy, have a higher risk of giving birth to a premature baby or a baby with low weight (under 2.4 kg). Preterm birth can cause health problems or even be fatal if the baby is born too soon.

The most recent data suggest that at least half of the women are increasing more or less weight than recommended. The majority of women who start the pregnancy with a weight below normal increase the recommended amount, but some women with a healthy weight exceed the recommended amounts, and a majority of overweight women increase too much weight.

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The new guidelines insist that doctors provide most effective tips on diet and exercise for moms-to-be have a better chance of staying within the weight limits recommended. In this sense, Oyarzún, who is an ob-gyn of the University Clinic of the Andes, argues that the sports especially recommended in this stage are the practice of swimming and the stationary bike. “In the past few years has added a very strong yoga and pilates because they allow you to exercise great part of the muscles of the body and also contribute to proper relaxation of the pregnant woman”, he indicates.

So if you've been struggling to control your weight in the past, as if you've never done a diet in your life, it can be difficult to accept that now you have to increase weight. It is normal to feel anxiety to see how they will up the numbers on the scale. Try to think that those extra pounds are important for your baby and after you have your baby, you will descend. More important yet than the weight to increase, is what you eat during pregnancy.

Follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly (always in consultation with your doctor), can make you feel much better. “In the last trimester of pregnancy many times, pregnant women tend to perceive between 10 to 15 contractions throughout the day, if the contractions that the woman accused are more than these, clearly it is a sign that she should reduce their physical activity”, explains dr. Oyarzún.

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