Bebé- ¿Cómo lavar la ropa de un recién nacido?

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  • How long should I wash them separately?
  • Drying of the garments
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The newborn's skin is much more delicate than that of an adult, for this reason it is necessary that mothers be cautious at the time of washing the garments of the baby, and of course the clothes, wipes, diapers fabrics that will be in direct contact with him.

During the first few months it is advisable to use washing detergents special for babies or delicate clothes, many experts recommend using detergents made in house, the truth is that the commercial products will always contain a small percentage of chemicals.

During the first months of life is vital to wash baby's clothes separately, i.e. do not mix them with clothing of rest of persons living in the household, adult clothing usually has germs or bacteria that have been brought in from the outside of the house.

How long should I wash them separately?

Once the baby to pass his six months of life can go by mixing little by little their clothes with the parents or siblings, while always remaining attentive to the skin of the baby does not suffer any kind of irritation, of being the case, you should consult with your physician and begin again to wash separately.

Drying of the garments

To dry the clothes of the baby it is best to hang inside the house, because outside you can get dust and other substances from the street or garden that could be harmful to the skin newborn.


  • Wash the clothes before use (if it is new).
  • Use a neutral soap.
  • Do not use softeners.
  • Do not leave soap residue in the clothes.

Remember that these recommendations washing also apply to sheets, blankets, stuffed animals, or pillows.

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