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The majority of parents probably did not arise that their children can have high cholesterol. But in the country around 10% of children do suffer this condition, which rises to 25% among the under obese due to food child little bit healthy.

Expert: Ricardo Eltit, a cardiologist at children's Clinic City of the Sea

Feed to step is for many people a good solution on holidays. However, if you do not take the safeguards of access to healthy food, is put at risk the health of the whole family, including children. And is that high cholesterol is one of the main factors that predispose you to developing heart disease in the future and it is a condition that gives no immediate symptoms, which makes it very quiet and at the same time dangerous.

“It is proven that since the periods of early childhood are produce cholesterol deposits on the walls of the various arteries of the body,”says dr. Ricardo Eltit Vegas, a cardiologist at children's Clinic City of the Sea, who indicates that it is essential to know the levels of cholesterol in the blood of a child, especially if you have a family history of hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol) or a relative with heart disease premature (for example, a myocardial infarction under the age of 50 years), in obese children, hypertensive patients or those with diabetes mellitus.

While in adults the level of high cholesterol in the blood is considered over 200 mg/dl (or according to your cardiovascular risk); in children is about 170 mg/dl. In addition there is another difference: the high cholesterol due to poor diet provides figures not as high (in children it is between 170 and 210 mg/dl) in comparison to those for genetic factors that can overcome even the 300 mg/dl. Thus, a child with risk factors they should do a lipid profile –the same that is done to the adults– after 2 years and before 10.

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The professional claims that childhood is a crucial stage, in which a good child feeding and exercises are the keys to decrease the speed of installation of vascular disease by the deposit of fat. Once a diagnosis is made, are point cases in which it seeks a solution through medication.

According to the American Association of Pediatrics, these can only be prescribed to children over 8 years of age when diagnosed or suspected clinically that the high cholesterol is due to genetics. While it has been proven that this does not affect the pubertal development, it has been a very controversial.

Hence, to maintain a correct infant feeding and exercise is vital. If the child's weight is normal, there is a decrease in the amount of fat in a 30% of the total calories you eat, lower cholesterol diet and increase the intake of fiber. In addition, it is necessary to decrease the saturated fats (cheese, butter, cream, etc), trans fats (fried foods and pastries), and to increase the consumption of fish, olive oil, seeds (peanuts, nuts) and lean meats.

The doctor Eltit affirms that the diets for children should be prescribed by professionals, as there are children, very thin with high cholesterol, and for this reason, it is important to build up the calories another way.

For the great majority of the cases the management is with diet mainly and only for a small group of cases – with very high levels and cardiovascular risk factors - is important to the use of drugs, " says Dr Eltit.

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