cuándo dejar el biberón

Without a doubt make your baby to say good-bye to the bottle and to pass the cup is all a work. But, how to know when to stop the bottle?, Facemamá gives you some tips.

Expert: Sarita Tamayo, coordinator of the Paediatric Clinical Dávila

Surely you look at your baby fascinated with his bottle and you questions about how difficult it will be to stop the bottle and start to take your milk in a glass or cup. The truth is that when that time comes, I will begin a new stage in the development of your little one, in a clear demonstration of growth physical and psychological.

In the words of the Coordinator of the Paediatric Clinical Davila, dr. Sarita Tamayo, the right time for the child to leave the bottle is two years of age. In their words, not doing so could lead to a bad occlusion, that is to say, a failure in the proper closure of the teeth.

Another problem are the decay and a possible delay in language, precisely because of the difficulties generated in the bite the child long-term use of the nipple.

How you see, what it is better hide that bottle so longed for your baby, so avoid complications in your health. But, how and when to stop the bottle?

When to stop the bottle: step-by-step

Children tend to observe your behavior and imitate it, so it is advisable that you fomentes the use of other elements to take your milk. “Recommended plastic cups or cups with spout, there are on the market several products, what is important is that the child adapts to its use”, says the specialist.

That is, if, it is relevant that you take some precautions. For example, the doctor advised not to use hot liquid, “I wish the milk lukewarm, almost cold”, says the pediatrician. Remember that this is a process and you have to go step by step.

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If you are concerned about the reaction that will have your little one after taking away the bottle, dr. Tamayo explains that “there is no psychological disorder in the child, the problem is that the parents, for your convenience, we perpetuate the use of the bottle”.

As mentioned the specialist, it is ideal that you look for in the market the glass that best suits the needs of your little one. Remember that this is a further stage of its growth, and prolong the use of the bottle beyond the recommended period of time, it would not be convenient for your health.

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