maceración de la piel

Maceration of the skin occurs during lactation, a product of various factors such as excessive humidity in the area or bad position in nursing.

Expert: Sarita Tamayo, coordinator of Pediatrics, Clínica Dávila

Before appearing the cracks in the nipples occurs a process of attrition, it is necessary to know how to identify to avoid complications which will cause pain when you are feeding. This pre-processing is the so-called maceration of the skin in breastfeeding , and the midwife Coordinator of Neonatology and nursery Clínica Dávila, Ana Verónica Muñoz, explains how to recognize and prevent it. The main cause of maceration is the constant humidity that it is exposed to the nipple between the periods where he gives milk to the baby.

Maceration of the skin is recognized because the nipple takes on a shade of white and wrinkled, similar to the one you take after being a long time in the water. The specialist clarifies that may occur due to the “suction inadequate or rather for a technique of coupling the chest incorrect, or an excess of suction in some cases. There could also be erosion for irritation when the skin of the nipple in contact with any fabric (clothing or bra), or cream that produces allergy”.

Do not pay attention to the presence of symptoms that indicate this problem in breastfeeding can cause mastitis or to prove the existence of fungi. It's best to avoid maceration of the skin -or erosion of the nipples - and so avoid affecting the correct development of the breastfeeding is to consult the midwife or your doctor and approach it from the point of view of the mother and the baby. The specialist will detect if the problem comes from the bad form in which it is flattened at the time of feeding ,and if so, then the position will be suitable.

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Anyway, prior to the birth, if the midwife or the doctor who carried your pregnancy you have been taught the different positions for breastfeeding and the right way to do this, you can ask, and even invite you to participate in discussions of motherhood, which explains all the process. Also, the specialist will tell you that, as a way to prevent these complications of breastfeeding, you must clean with water and the nipple each time you finish breastfeeding your child.

The midwife explained that sometimes the maceration is due to other factors, so that the mother can “use the first few days of the same colostrum as a scar on the nipple and then use creams that renew the tissue of the nipple that is easily applied without the need to remove it before feeding, especially those that are based on lanolin”. In addition, it recommends to put the breasts to the sun for about ten minutes between two and three times a day, if it is winter, you can be a light source or heat at a distance of 20 or 30 centimeters.

If it is true, there is no method of prevention absolutely effective, yes you can take some measures to avoid that it appears the maceration or as well, to help with the healing. In the market there are various products that can help, such as for example the recogeleche or poppy, which isolates the nipple of the clothing, thereby favoring the healing. You can also use dressings gel, such as Mother Murder, that deliver a soothing, refreshing feeling to the area, along with avoid rubbing with the clothing, which can be painful.

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The dressing of gel, it is also absorbent, but so slight, so if you have a major leak milk or if you're going to get and it will take much, it is best to put a protective breast along with the dressing. Yes, try to avoid the excesses of humidity in the chest, because in addition to prevent scarring, may favor the appearance of fungi. When you pass this, the specialist will advise the use of some type of fungicide that will not harm the baby, being able to continue with the use of the dressing or poppy while clean with warm water only.

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