Although there is no known cause, there are female fetuses that suffer from a fault in his formation in the womb, so you do not have a reproductive system, the solution to this is known as the Neovagina.

In Chile, one out of every ten thousand women is born without a vagina or uterus. This is because the Syndrome Rokitansky, also known as agenesis or aplasia müllerian. Those who have this malformation must resign themselves for life to not be mothers, and if you don't resort to surgery, will also not be able to lead a normal sexual life, it is for this reason that the Neovagina is used as a mold to form a vagina.

Expert: Enrique Oyarzún, gyneco-obstetrician at the University Clinic of the Andes.

Dr. Enrique Oyarzún, explains: “These patients are genetically normal and have ovaries with no alterations. Their external genitalia are normal, that is to say, they have lips, minor, major, and even a small depth-of-vagina up to the hymen, that is no more than a centimeter. The absence of persistent the first menstruation is the main reason for consultation for the who come to the gynecologist, who by tests of rigor, detects the presence of the Syndrome of Rokitansky”.

Although the medication is still not achieved to develop a method for these women can get pregnant, yes he managed to develop an innovative surgery called a Neovagina, which is based on the method of traction laparoscopic to develop a vagina. In this way, they can lead a sexual life with normality.

Is called laparascopia to a group of operations, in which, through a small incision is introduced in the abdomen with a tiny video camera. Then, additional small incisions are made for instruments that allow the surgeon to perform the operation.

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Surgeries to create a vagina

Until a few decades ago, the reconstruction of a vagina was made using skin grafts from the same patient. They were winding in plastic molds and were introduced in an incision that would simulate the vaginal cavity.

With another surgery old, extirpaba a piece of intestine that was closed by one side, and then, is introduced in a hole artificial in the genital area in order to adapt it as a vagina. Both interventions were matched in be complex, and in order to develop tables infectious.

Currently, the Neovagina is surgery used in Chile to form a vagina, which is a reformulation of the technique of Vecchietti. This surgeon, developed an operation more efficient than the previous two. Consisted in opening the abdomen for inserting a mold dilator plastic, which by traction internal reaching to the genital area and opened a vaginal space similar to that of a normal woman.

In the Neovagina is also used a plastic mold dilator manufactured by specialists, and with special threads traccionan the dilator eu enlarges the vagina. After a week it measured about eight centimeters, average size of a vagina normal. Then, the mold is removed.

This surgery is not delayed more than two hours and the patient only remains between 24 to 48 hours in the hospital. Then, you must come back once a day to increase the traccionamiento for a week. After the surgery there are no wounds, or scars, in addition, the sensibility that the woman has is like that of other women born with a vagina well-formed.

“Unlike the other surgeries there is no external fabric, as stretched, is of the same patient, nothing more. It is a vagina made of vagina”, concludes dr. Enrique Oyarzún.

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