consejos prácticos para la alimentación escolar

When children begin to go to school it is important that parents and caregivers are aware that good nutrition is the best ally for school performance so that should not be neglected. In facemamá we provide you with some practical tips for the school feeding.

Expert: Alexa Puchi, pediatrician at Centre of Child Obesity Clinic City of the Sea

As important as not to forget all the school supplies in the backpack, is to take into account the practical tips for the school feeding and maintaining the health of the child. A proper breakfast and bring snacks and healthy lunches to school. And is that beyond the weight, the school feeding affects, directly, conditioning the degree of alertness, capacity for concentration and physical performance.

So explains Dr. Alexa Puchi, pediatrician at Centre of Child Obesity Clinic City of the Sea, who adds that proper nutrition is the main constraint to environmental to achieve the maximum capacity of growth, which comes genetically determined. In addition, it facilitates the occurrence of development and maturation of the child's age-appropriate.

According to the specialist the other of the practical advice for the school feeding is for children to consume fiber, white meat and fruits. These latter can be prepared in a more attractive manner, elaborándolas in kabobs or smoothies. “It is important to create habits. That children eat 4 times a day and eat only a snack. And weekends to do so sitting at the table, preferably in the family”.

Some good examples of snacks are bread with aggregates in a low-calorie such as: poultry, and vegetables. Dairy products such as milk or yogurt fat-free are also an alternative for the school feeding.

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And as breakfast is the most important meal of the day, for his consumption is recommended to unsweetened cereals or oats.

Practical advice for the school feeding

  • Parents should practice healthy eating with their children, leading by example, avoiding to have in house snacks and drinks
  • It is advised not to use food as a reward. Especially with junk food.
  • Avoid giving treats every day of the week. It is best that you choose 1 day a week to give food of high energy density, such as cake, pizza or full, but with moderation.
  • If your child, exceptionally, you wish to eat fries, prepáreselas in the oven. That way you will avoid the fried foods.
  • Encourage the consumption of water.
  • The presentation of the food should be enjoyable, as, for example, sticks of vegetables, fruit brochettes, etc
  • Make sure that the children eat with the family group, or with peers of course.
  • It is recommended that parents do not give money to children to buy their lunches, avoiding consuming unhealthy foods.
  • The choice of the collation, the number of portions and the energy density must be a function of the expenditure of energy that has the child and its nutritional status.

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