Familia- Una buena maternidad aumenta las neuronas de tus hijos If more of have you ever thought of adopting children, the first thing you should do is to be informed about this topic and about each procedure that you must perform. That is why Facemama will be provided below the step-by-step if you want to adopt a child. The most important thing is that you have to be sure of the decision you're taking. You must keep in mind that a biological son and one adopted are the same, both differ only in what is related to the bureaucracy and time that you have to be to get them. STEPS TO FOLLOW...

What is it?
A certificate which certifies that is or are suitable to adopt a child or a girl, from the point of view of physical, mental, psychological and moral.

Who is it aimed at?
• Spouses chilean or foreigners with permanent residence in Chile.
• Chilean single (as) or widowed(ace), with permanent residence in Chile.

• Spouses chilean or foreigners with permanent residence in Chile.
• Who have two or more years of marriage, will not be enforceable if one or both spouses suffer from infertility.
• Chilean single (as) or widowed(ace), with permanent residence in Chile.
• The spouses or unmarried people or widows must be over 25 and under 60 years of age.
• Have a difference of 20 or more years with the adoptee.

Required documents
According to the article 10 of the regulations of Law No. 19.620:
• Recent photographs of the applicant.
• Birth certificates of the applicant and of marriage when applicable.
• Report of family, aiming to assess the socio-economic conditions, family and moral of the applicant.
• Psychological report designed to assess the suitability of the applicant to assume parental roles.
• Certificates of physical health and medical history relating to their infertility, when appropriate.
• Background on the economic capacity of the applicant.
• Record certificate for special purposes of the applicant.
• Cards of close relatives and known people, who realize their opinion regarding the future and eventual incorporation of, adopted into the family and prove his worthiness.
• Autobiographies of the candidates.

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Where is it done?
• Regional directorates throughout the country.
• Except in the Fifth Region, the processing is done in: Building, Don Mauricio, Pedro Montt 1937 8th Floor Department 81, Phone 32-230015, Valparaiso.
Other: The procedure is free of charge.

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