Mujer acostada en el cesped- Tips para mantener la juventud

The best care and the best investment you can make in your body to delay aging is to have a good diet, do physical activities and let the stress aside, Facemamá gives you some tips to help you stay young and healthy.

  • Keep your body hydrated

The lack of water is the main factor by which our skin becomes wrinkled at an early age, consumes the largest amount of water possible.

  • Sleeps for the time needed

Try not to desvelarte without the need, to sleep well during the night ensures that your cells are repaired. Hours more rejuvenating are among go to sleep before 10:30 pm and wake up before 8:00 am.

  • Avoid the stress

It is scientifically proven that one of the factors that most aging people is the stress, besides being the cause of a host of diseases.

  • Stay happy

Joy is a habit and as such must be learned, the best way to learn it is to practice every day, even an hour a day to start.

  • Keep a healthy diet

Removes from your life all the trans fats, you can go to a nutritionist if you lack knowledge on how to eat right.

  • Work out

Performing exercises at least three times per week, exercise is key to preventing diseases and works as a natural energizer.

We live exposed to different types of circumstances that can hinder our youth, the concerns may interfere not only in aging but also in the mental health, stay young and healthy is in our hands.

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