Tips para no volverte loca cuando los niños regresan a clase

The start of a new school year means a time of change, but not only for the children, but also for us mothers. The back-to-school changes the dynamics of the home. Today, the demands and academic requirements go up as the foam, which makes unfortunately, in many occasions, projects, tests and assignments are the only topic of conversation with our children.

Whether we work outside the home or not, the evenings are converted in an act of total juggling act. As well as we make sure that our children have everything you need for a new school year at the school, we also we have to ensure that we have what we need for a new year at home.

Here are some tips that we should keep in mind.

• Disconnected – The technology represents a distraction very powerful. Establish a rule where all, without exception, let go of the phone when you get home.

• Organization – let us take Advantage of the time given that our children have to do chores or prepare dinner and to get ahead of ourselves a little lunch the next day. So we are all in action at the same time.

• Family connection – this May seem weird, but those of us who have lived it understand. Identify a moment daily to speak with our kids from everything but school. No matter the place nor the time it takes us to. Either on the way home, or after eating, or while we collect the table. Whether it's for five, ten or thirty minutes. It is in these moments that we really find out what they think, what they worry about and that we teach them things that not learn in school.

As mothers, it is our responsibility that our children have all the tools necessary to have a successful school year. Also that our family bonding is strengthened with the passing of the years. After all, that's the success that really is.

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