Doctora, niña, consultorio- Cómo preparar a tu hijo para una Kinesiterapia

In this article you will find:

  • Preparation
  • Is it normal for children to cry during the treatment?
  • How should you involve the child after treatment?
  • Is it recommended to perform physiotherapy in the patient's home?

The physiotherapy respiratory is one of the medical procedures most frequently asked to respond to respiratory conditions, have a good preparation before each therapy is fundamental to achieve a good result.

For the realization of the physiotherapy the parents should avoid the child to eat food at least an hour before the treatment; Juan Eduardo Keymer, massage therapist and specialist in physiotherapy respiratory explains more about the topic.


  • If the children are between 2 or 5 years you have to explain about the procedure.
  • Provide fruit or light foods.
  • Putting on a costume comfortable.
  • Remain calm for the child to feel relaxed.

Is it normal for children to cry during the treatment?

It is normal that the child cried during the therapy, though in truth crying is not a product of the pain but of the fear of the unknown, the children assimilate this treatment as an attack and not as a benefit; Juan Eduardo Keymer, massage therapist ensures that: “The baby will perceive the move as an assault because you feel a strange “attacks” in front of their parents and they don't do anything to prevent it, before it obviously the child will cry, although usually after the second session, the small comparable to the techniques and maneuvers differently.”

How should you involve the child after treatment?

  • You will be exhausted and possibly asleep.
  • The child will cough during the later hours to remove the phlegm.
  • You have to look to small, if you see that he is more quiet is because the treatment began to take effect.

Is it recommended to perform physiotherapy in the patient's home?

It is quite advisable that the professionals go to the homes, as it is likely that the child will spread to other disease by having contact with other small children in the waiting room.

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“At present it has with portable computers that allow you to work in the patient's home, as saturómetros, apparatus for inhalation therapy and pumps of aspiration of secretions”, says the specialist.

What recommendations need to be present to prevent the disease, Bronchopulmonary?

  • Avoid closed places where children can have contact with sick people and where the conditions of ventilation are not appropriate.
  • Avoid bring the baby to the nursery or kindergarten, if it is not strictly necessary.
  • Be careful with the temperature changes.
  • Prevent the child to breathe (not cuddle too much).


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