cuando hay que dejar los anticonceptivos para embarazarse

Many of the women wonder when to stop birth control to get pregnant, some experts recommend that you stop eating birth control pills three months before trying to conceive, to know the period of menstruation. At this stage it is recommended the use of barrier methods directly as a diaphragm and condom.

Expert: Andrés Acosta, is the gynecologist of Clinic Avansalud

Many times, when we think of motherhood, we wonder how much time before we have to stop taking birth control pills to get pregnant. To address this concern, some experts recommend that you stop taking them three months before to stabilize and to know the period of menstruation. During that time, it is suggested to use barrier methods directly as condoms or a diaphragm to prevent conception.

In the case of the intrauterine device (IUD), like the pills, it is recommended to wait three months before trying to conceive, or, leave at least a menstrual period. With this method it is also recommended to use condoms to avoid a pregnancy.

During the three months mentioned, you should start taking folic acid, a vitamin that decreases the risk of malformations of the central nervous system and that it is advisable to ingest at least 3 months prior to conception.

when you have to leave the birth control to get pregnant and you start to use natural methods such as billings or the calendar, you only need to relax and stop control the days of fertility. Remember that if we are very attentive to conceive can cause the opposite effect.

To increase the possibility of conceiving what is recommended is to have sexual activity on a frequent basis, 3 to 4 times a week, after the completion of the rule, without to target sexual activity to the day on which the patient theoretically ovulate as sperm live up to 72 hours in the female reproductive tract and that way it increases the exposure and risk to pregnancy.

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Directing sexual activity towards the days of “fertile” leads to the appearance of sexual dysfunctions. The same is applicable to patients with irregular menstrual cycles. It is also recommended that the use of an ovulation test in urine without a specialist recommends or enters into a scheme of treatment for fertility.

According to scientific records, the majority of couples who maintain sexual relations without protection conceive between 12 and 18 months, however there is a 10 percent that presents some difficulty. If you think you be one of these cases it is recommended to visit a doctor who specializes in fertility.

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