We have a list of activities that you should perform a baby of 9 months, if your little one is in this age and you want to encourage them to develop to the maximum the cognitive abilities, physical, social and emotional your child takes into account our recommendations.

Activities that you should perform a baby of 9 months

Stimulation cognitive

  1. Stimulate immediate memory. Let her notice how when you turn on the radio to listen to music; turn it off and turn it on again so that the child, by imitation, to perform this exercise this with the tv, the light, etc
  2. Develop the ability to achieve a purpose. Place a toy in front of him inside a box and cover it with a cloth; really like the child, first set aside the cloth and then pulled the toy out of the box, showing you that achieving your goal of reaching what she was interested in and leaving aside the fabric and the box.
  3. Train the child in the generalization of acts and ideas. Tell the child how you can attract your truck, or your dog of fleece by tying a rope, when you have already mastered the problem from the point of view manual, develops capacity, and allowing you to get several toys with the same chord, or the same toys with several ropes.
  4. To stimulate the creation of different effects on the same object. Try to produce situations in which in a movement to produce a specific effect, while a movement different will lead to another result. Give the child a piece of paper and show that with a movement as wrinkles, while with the other you will stretch it, to break it also it will need a different movement.
  5. To lead the child to the discovery of the object. Sit down with the child and places it on the floor or on the table three medium-sized boxes upside down. Puts a marble under one and them and site changes so that the child does not know in which to stay. Ask after: “where is the marble?”. Lifting the first two boxes and go saying “here do this”. When you get to the third di: here's the ball” and laugh with the child. Soon he began also to lift the box and you look triumphant if you find the one that has the marble. Repìtelo several times.
  6. Develop the ease to get to an object by indirect means. Towards the end of this month because the child will learn to get closer to an object by an indirect pathway. To stimulate the solution of problems of this type, placed the child standing by the side of the bed and on the other an object highly stimulating for the child, in the beginning, extend your arms and try to grab it directly, through the bed, or more likely, take some time to find a different solution or give it back to the bed.

reflejos primarios y secundarios del recien nacido

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Auditory stimulation and language

  1. Exercise the child the location of the source of the sound. Calls the child by name, palmotea, turn on the radio or stirs a sound object looking for the child to locate the source of the noise.
  2. To develop the recognition of the concept of “yes and no”. With pace, palmotea and head movements and the corresponding expression, indicale the meaning of “yes” or “no”.
  3. Reaffirm the concept of orders and responses. Calling it by its nombrepídele that you give your favorite toy.
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