cuándo es momento para la siesta del bebé

Dads need to consider that to incorporate the rest in the daily life of the child should develop a routine in relation to the schedule, the environment, and habits. The nap of the baby's practice is a very normal, small may like to sleep a little after eating or after a day of much activity at least once a day during the first year of life.

Experts in pediatrics insist that the dream of the child is as important as your diet. Once you sleep can replenish the energy expended and the time to relax. Therefore, the habit of taking a siesta is essential for their development.

The nap of the baby

How do you know when the baby needs a break?

The first thing that must be done by the parents is to observe and identify signs that imply that the baby has to sleep or is tired:

  • Shows a lot of stillness.
  • You do not want to play.
  • You want to be lying down or at rest.
  • Rub eye.
  • Interest in the pacifier or the bottle.

How to incorporate the nap in the baby's life?

  • Parents should start by creating an environment that is suitable for your rest. That is to say, the room should be quiet, comfortable, and needed a comfortable temperature for the little one.
  • It is also possible that dads induces sleep by relaxing music.
  • Little by little, the parents will be able to determine how many naps your child takes during the day: it may occur that the child may need to sleep three times in the day (mid-morning, then lunch and back to the games of the afternoon). or you can also belongs to the group of children who are taking only two naps (one mid-morning and another after lunch).
  • Finally, if it were to be decided by a single nap, it is advisable to make it during the afternoon.

Considerations to keep in mind to create the habit of a nap in the babies:

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It is evident that the nap of the baby is a habit that is immensely rewarding and enjoyable small, but it is necessary to be well oriented. For this reason, parents should educate the child, basically, for the afternoon nap do not disturb the night's sleep.

  • Naps that are regular can improve the night's sleep.
  • If parents require the child to sleep after the noon must create an environment that is suitable.
  • The child's room does not have to be completely dark, because otherwise it will not distinguish between the nap and the dream of the night.

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