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  • 2 causes of tooth decay in babies
  • How to avoid cavities?

Various studies show that sugars are the main factors of the diet that influence the prevalence and progression of caries in children and even in adults who do not maintain a good oral hygiene; Carmen Ravanal, dentist explains about the topic.

By definition a cariogenic diet is one that includes foods with high presence of carbohydrates, especially fermentable sugars, such as sucrose that are easy to deposit on the surfaces of teeth that are prone to retain food.

Cariogenic diet in children

The great number of times that the observed decay in children can be attributed in general to an oral hygiene messy and a diet that includes high consumption of sugar, which favors the formation of acids by cariogenic bacteria, resulting in the demineralisation of the tooth and producing a decrease of the Ph of the saliva.

2 causes of tooth decay in babies

  1. Fruit juices and drinks contain cariogénico, that cause easily decay in children.
  2. Breast milk has also been considered as a beverage-cariogenic, by the excess of lactose, which contains.

The American Academy of pediatric dentistry offers the following suggestions for the prevention of tooth decay in children:

  • The infant should not sleep with a bottle containing juice.
  • The maternal breast should not be prolonged beyond a year of life.
  • You should avoid long-term consumption of beverages or juices.
  • Children who take medicines that contain sucrose they should clean their teeth once these have been ingested.

How to avoid cavities?

  • The regular application of flúorpor part of the pediatric Dentist has shown an important reduction of the demineralization process of the teeth.
  • The information about the eating habits in the intake of fermentable carbohydrates and other nutrients should be evaluated by the dentist to prevent tooth decay.
  • It is important to maintain a control with the dentist.

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