niños en la cocina- Alimentos light

Currently the market offers a number of product low in calories or light, which are gradually incorporated with strength in the diet of the chilean families, Sylvia Guardia, nutritionist speaks on the topic.

The light foods are products to reduce calories, but they are not a good alternative for children in full stage of development, if consumed excessively, this type of products will be minus essential nutrients for the proper feeding of the young.

Dr. Sylvia Guardia, nutritionist, explains that: “The trust that consumers place on these products is so large that you begin to use excessive, therefore, it must be clear that although they have less calories, in excess it can also cause weight gain”.

How the light foods can be consumed from that age?

It is not recommended that children under the age of two years the dopants, because the only thing that is achieved is to acquire bad habits; in addition to, in spite of the years that these products have been in the market, it is not proven that the components they replace the sugar to be healthy.

When do you consume these products?

  • These products should be used only in children with obesity and the medical indication, while working to change the eating habits and physical activity of the small.
  • When the doctor ordered you have to choose the right products to children, that is to say, look that are not harmful.

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