codo dislocado en los niños ¿qué hacer?

Go to the doctor right away if your child cannot move the arm normally, or if it is warped or twisted, it may be dislocated elbow in children.

Common symptoms of dislocated elbow in children:

  • Pain and numbness in the arm at the time of injury.
  • His arm falls fláccidamente.
  • You cannot lift your arm.

Is called a dislocation at a joint of a bone out of its place, reason of a force. Any joint in the body can be dislocated, but in small children under 5 years old, the most delicate is the elbow. In babies, the ligaments that support it stretch very easily if you push them a bit more than normal, for example, when lifted by the hands or pull his arms to cross a street.
If this occurs the elbow to release the tendons that surround it,which hurts a lot and prevents you from moving your entire arm. Requires immediate medical attention.

What you can do with the dislocated elbow in children:

  • Call the doctor immediately.
  • Taking your child to the emergency room.
  • Continue the medical treatment and rest.

What not to do:

Don't try to fix the dislocation, except if the doctor, in a situation like in the past, has explained to you what to do.

What can do the doctor

  • As a first step take an x-ray to rule out any complications and to make sure that there is no fracture of the bones of the elbow.
  • After, move the elbow to its original position in very smooth way.
  • Maybe we need to moderate pressure to bring the palm of the hand upwards, forcing the joint back into place.
  • The pain will gradually decrease.
  • Depending on the time that passes between the injury and the healing, it will last the pain and numbness.

What is most important to the dislocated elbow in children, is to go immediately to the doctor. This output of the joint will cause the small excessive pain and the main thing is the care of a specialist.

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